Karen Schipper


Daily Wonders


It’s that time of the year again to give thanks.

I may sound a little snarky, but if there is snark, it’s mainly directed to myself.

I often go through the motions of the every day without thinking anything of it. Wake up, brush my teeth, eat, work, eat, work, eat, eat, hang out with friends, eat, shower, brush my teeth, sleep. These things all seem so mundane. But, when I really spend time reflecting on each item, there is so much wonder in the mundane.

This morning, I took a short account of all the daily big wonders I pass over.

Upon my first breath of waking up, I realize I’m still breathing this morning. My bed is cozy. I am snug within my comforter. I am laying next to my husband, my best friend. I grab for his hand, warm to the touch. I open my eyes, my pupils adjust to the bright sunlight shining through the cracks of the blind. Then, I remember I can see. I can see colors. I can see my dresser, the blinds, the books stacked on the floor, the Annie Koelle painting on the bookshelf. I can see light. I can see.

Reflecting on that one minute of life between my mind waking up from my sleep and my eyes finally opening, I’m in awe of what I have. And, if I take that mindset to reflect throughout my day, this post will at least be a few pages on paper, single spaced.

However, I forget to be thankful. I forget to reflect, to meditate. And then, Thanksgiving rolls around. Oh, it’s a day to give thanks. Literally, a day marked on the calendar with the words “thanks” and “giving.” It’s a good thing. I need to be reminded to reflect on the daily wonders and huge blessings throughout the every day.

Thank you Pilgrims and Native Americans. Thank you America calendar makers. Thank you USA for giving us a day off so we can feast with loved ones.

I’ve also designed a mobile wallpaper to remind myself to reflect on the daily wonders, so hopefully it doesn’t take me only once a year to remember to give thanks for the daily big wonders! If you download it, I will serve you well! Press here to download. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

Karen Schipper