Karen Schipper


Battling Fear


I've battled with fear for more years than I wish to admit. I imagine I will continue to battle with different forms of it, and a lot of times it looks like me. There have been many times when an idea comes to mind, and I think I should do something about it. Sadly many of those ideas still lie untouched In my sketchbook or gathering dust in my mind. Part of it is laziness, but a bigger part is the fear of starting, fear of not getting my project perfect, fear of failure. 

Recently I looked in my past sketchbook and planners, where I've scribbled countless ideas, goals, and to-do's, and I realized there were plenty that I've never revisited. Most of the to-do's are small, and I could take a few hours to accomplish them. Some of them are no longer relevant, and some just exist as possible ideas. But, some of the to-do's served as tasks that would help me get to my goal sooner than later. Reading these to-do's and goals were a kick in the butt. 

To name a few to-do's:

  • Have a website up
  • Contact art directors of brands I like to work with them
  • Get better at writing  

And apart from being really good at writing to-do's and not doing them, I'm really good at excuses as well.  

  • Have a website up: All my illustrations look bad as a collective whole. I should keep studying how other illustrators do it.
  • Contact art directors: Well, I can't do this, since I don't have a website and no credibility. 
  • Get better at writing: I need to have a website, so I can have a blog. 

The fact is the longer I wait, the longer it will take to get to any of my goals. If I keep on waiting for the perfect situations, I might as well wait till who knows when, 'cause it's not going to be rainbows and good vibes everyday. 

Fear paralyzes.  Fear makes excuses. Fear taunts you to play the game of what-if's. The longer you let it taunt you, the longer it will take to get to your goals. 

The best way to overcome it is to buckle down and work. 

Karen Schipper