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Newsletter Round Up


As a year comes to an end, isn’t a thing that people share their top songs they listened to, favorite books they read, top 9 posts on Instagram, etc etc etc? So I thought I would do my own edition. I’m not sure if you all love newsletters like I do, but Fridays are my favorite days to keep up with all my blogs and newsletters that I follow. So here’s my top five newsletters I subscribed to in 2018. Between these five newsletters, I get a dosage of necessary news; an exposure to books, products, ideas I otherwise may not come across; and lots of food for thought and inspiration. Give them a follow.

  1. Austin Kleon, a writer who draws, and sends a weekly newsletter on Fridays sharing some of his blogposts, ear and eye candy, and books he’s reading. He’s made me fall in love with public libraries again.

  2. Kottke.org, one of the oldest blogs of the interwebs. I’ve followed Jason Kottke’s blog for years, and this year he started a newsletter rounding up some of his best posts from the week. As his website describes, he '“covers the essential people, inventions, performances, and ideas that increase the collective adjacent possible of humanity.”

  3. Of a Kind, an online shop that sells one of a kind products, which are all so beautiful, and the co-founders have a weekly newsletter in which they share their favorite finds.

  4. Girls Night In Club, a newsletter for ladies who would rather stay in for the night. As much as I’m an extrovert, I also need nights where I’m in for the night, watching a rom com or just lazing around. I’ve followed Girls Night In since the beginning, and they just reached their 100th newsletter this week!! (And I even got to do a few illustrations for the 100th newsletter campaign, which was a dream come true!)

  5. Dense Discovery, a newsletter written by Kai Brach, the founder and editor of Offscreen Mag. Both Offscreen Mag and Dense Discovery discusses news of the tech world, from well-designed apps to the ethics of social media. It’s taught me to have an awareness of people-driven technology design.

Karen Schipper