Karen Schipper


Summer Zine


Summer brings about such mixed emotions. My husband has always been a summer person. He loves the heat, the sweat, the shorts, all of it. Whereas I always feel miserable in the sweltering heat, especially the humidity! You would think that growing up in Hong Kong I would be okay with humidity, but my sister and I would either be in the pool or sit in front of the A/C. 

This latest freebie is a printable zine of a mixed of summer feelings. As I was brainstorming on a series of summer illustrations and writing down summer words, I started to see a correlation with all the 'S' words. Sweat, shorts, sweltering heat, surf, sailboats, seaside, shells, sun, sun-kissed, etc! Who knows if this was intentional from our English language forefathers. *Shrug*

If you want to work with your hands a little bit and just have a fun little booklet, here you are! Click here to download and follow the instructions below!

Printer + paper
A cutting mat
X-Acto Knife
A ruler

1. Cut out the zine with a ruler and a blade, using the crop marks as a guide. 
2. Fold the page lengthwise (hotdog style!)
3. Unfold and fold each side widthwise towards the center. 
4. Fold widthwise again!
5. Open up and fold widthwise in half.
6. Use your knife to cut through 1/3 of the center fold as shown.
7. Fold over so the front page is facing outwards.
8. Done! Tada! Viola! 


Karen Schipper